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3 Heating System Repairs You May Need

Wintertime can be a rough season thanks to the cold, dry air. You already feel dried out most days, and there are times when you just can’t seem to get warm. This may not be because you got a bad chill today though–it could be due to a problem with your heater.

Winter weather isn’t just hard on you, it’s rough on your heating system too. The stress created by regular use can lead to the development of a need for a heater repair in Brandon, MS. Our team is available to help when issues like these pop-up and we can get them resolved in short order. All you need to do is contact us.

3 Potential Heating Repairs You Might Need Help With

If there is something wrong with your heater, whether it is a furnace or a  heat pump, you will want to schedule repairs as soon as you can. Repairs that are ignored are only going to worsen and become more expensive as time passes so the sooner you reach out for service the better for your home comfort and your budget. Here are some common heating repairs you might encounter this time of year:

  1. Built-up dirt and debris: Dirt and debris can find their way into your heating system where they are going to start messing with everything involved in the heating process. From dirt clogging your furnace burners to a layer of debris covering your heat pump’s evaporator coil, these contaminants can do a lot to impact your home comfort. If you notice the smell of burning dirt, notice a delay in your furnace ignition, or have other problems with your heater, you can reach out to us for help.
  2. Problems with electrical connections: Whatever type of heater you have, it will need electricity to function. A problem with your heater’s electrical connections and components can leave you without a working heater. A professional technician can help to identify where the issues with your system is and get it repaired, whether it is a frayed wire or a disconnected part.
  3. Poor airflow through your system: Your heater needs good airflow to do its job. If there is a problem with air getting into your heater or with the heated air getting from your heater into your home, it is going to mess with your comfort. Poor airflow is also going to wear down your heater over time as it can put extra stress on the system to try to get the job done. Whether it is caused by a clogged air filter, faulty ducts, or another issue, our technicians can handle it.

We’ve listed three of the possible repair needs that your heating system may encounter in the course of its lifespan. There are, of course, more than three kinds of problems that a heating system can run into. Thankfully, our team is available to help you with all of them.

Having heater troubles? Contact AirSouth Cooling and Heating to schedule an appointment with a professional to get the solutions you need.

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