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Energy Audits in Brandon, MS & Surrounding Areas

Your home is more than walls, floors, plumbing, wires, ducts, a basement, and a roof. It’s actually a complex machine that uses energy—and often loses energy. But, like any complex machine, there are ways of energy recovery that will make the machine more efficient. What this means for a house is saving money each month, often in ways you’ve never considered. But to find out what needs to be improve for the best home energy efficiency, start with a professional energy audit.

We know you can find instructions for how to perform an energy audit yourself online, but this is not an effective method. The job takes professionals with specialized tools. AirSouth Cooling and Heating can take care of your home energy audit if you're in Brandon, MS or the surrounding areas, as well as many of the home performance improvements you need.

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What Is a Home Energy Audit?

A home energy audit is an assessment that is the first step to increasing the overall energy efficiency of a house, what’s called its "home performance." Experts can provide homeowners with the vital information they need about how their home loses and wastes energy so they can make improvements to aid in energy recovery.

When an energy audit is done right—in other words, it’s done by licensed professionals with the best equipment—a homeowner gets a whole picture of the house’s energy use, from air leaks in the insulation and the home’s envelope to inefficient ductwork and HVAC systems. Following through on the data from an audit can mean energy savings of 5% to 30% annually.

What to Expect from a Home Energy Audit

Once you arrange for an audit with our team, we’ll do all the hard work. An audit consists of multiple tests done around the house to analyze its envelope and how well its appliances use energy. A key test is to use a blower door to increase air pressure in the home and measure how fast the pressure drops—and where the air leaks are that cause the drop.

Our auditors use many other tools to survey a house: infrared cameras to pinpoint areas of heat loss and heat gain, pressure–measuring manometers, draft gauges to test for chimney drafts, smoke pencils to detect air movement through leaks, combustion analyzers, and the auditors’ own special knowledge. You’ll receive a thorough report once the audit is complete, and then you can think about taking the next step.

We Value Your Safety—Guaranteed!

We offer our Golden Guarantees to customers to back up our work and make people feel at ease. One of these important guarantees is the "We Value Your Safety Guarantee." This means when we send technicians to your house for an energy audit, you’ll know who you are letting into your home. All our technicians carry ID you can request to see before allowing them inside, and they’ll arrive in uniform in a marked Air South truck. Learn more about all our Golden Guarantees!

Home Energy Efficiency Professionals in the Brandon, MS Area

Don’t let your own house rob you of money and comfort. You may not think you have a home energy efficiency problem, but most homes have places where improvements can make a difference. Schedule a home energy audit with us, and we’ll not only identify the problem areas, we’ll offer many solutions, such as duct sealing and blown–in insulation for the attic.

You can place your full trust in the team at AirSouth Cooling and Heating for improving comfort and efficiency in your house in Brandon, MS. Think of us first when you require home performance services—and you’ll come out ahead! Learn more about AirSouth Cooling and Heating here.

Just want to commend AirSouth for there outstanding customer service. From the day my unit was installed on 08/14/2017

- Tom Sierant

AirSouth did a great job removing our old ac unit and installing a new one. I really appreciated how every time the guys entered my house, they wore shoe covers

- Page Callen

AirSouth Cooling and Heating was recommended to me about two years ago when my wife and I relocated to Mississippi.

- Dennis Ballinger

They were very professional, and took their time to protect every thing so nothing would be broken.

- Andy Breaux