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Duct Testing and Sealing in Brandon, MS & Surrounding Areas

How well do you know the ducts in your house? “I don’t know, I can’t see them that well.” That’s true—and this is why scheduling regular duct testing with HVAC professionals is a smart idea. Testing ducts can discover if the ventilation system is suffering from leaky ducts. If it is, then the solution is duct sealing.

Both duct testing and sealing are jobs we do at AirSouth Cooling and Heating—and you must have licensed experts to do both. We’re a BBB-accredited HVAC company in Brandon, MS and the surrounding areas, and our service experts are NATE and EPA-certified. Think of us first when you need comfort service—and you’ll come out ahead!

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Testing Ducts: Why It’s Important

Leaky ducts are a serious problem for a ventilation system. It may sound as if a few leaks can’t be too harmful. But up to 30% of the cooled and heated air passing through ducts can be lost to places like the attic and between walls because of leaks. That’s a lot of money going to waste! Leaks are a common problem, as well. Poor duct installation is the main culprit, but high air pressure, insects, water, and construction damage can all contribute.

Duct testing is designed to find out if a house has leaky ducts, how bad the problem is, and how best to fix it.

How to Test Ducts—The Professional Way!

Testing ducts requires first sealing off the ventilation system and then raising the inside air pressure with a power vacuum. Using manometers, the duct testers can then measure how fast the pressure inside the ducts starts to drop. The faster the pressure declines, the more leaky the ductwork. Using these tools and their training, the duct testers can identify how much work they have to do to restore the integrity of the ventilation system and stop the wasteful loss of air.

Next Comes the Duct Sealing

No, you can’t seal ducts with store–bought duct tape. Ironically, duct tapes work on just about everything—except ducts. You won’t be able to find all the leaks and access them on your own anyway. The ventilation system experts on the job have the equipment to find and seal up the leaks. A common method is to apply mastic, a resin–based sealant, to the leaky duct sections. Sometimes service experts use metallic tapes, or a combination of both. As long as you make sure you have a certified and insured professional on the job, you can be confident you’ll have your ducts put back in shape.

We Guarantee to Protect Your Home

If it sounds like the job of duct testing and sealing can get messy, you’re right. However, as part of our Golden Guarantees, we offer the "We Value Your Home" Guarantee. Our team will take extra steps to protect your home and its furnishings during the work. They’ll use tarps and floor–protecting shoe covers. When the job is complete, they’ll ensure the inside of your house is restored to the way it was before they leave. If this isn’t done to your satisfaction, we’ll clean your house for free! Learn more about our other Golden Guarantees.

Duct Testing and Duct Sealing in Brandon, MS

Now that you’ve found out how to test ducts, are you curious if your ventilation system needs repair work? Don’t hesitate if you do—you could be wasting money each time your air conditioner or heater switches on!

Our service experts are not only skilled with heating and cooling systems, they are also home performance specialists who understand how to make a house energy efficient. Call them today if you have any questions about duct services and testing ducts. They’ll answer your questions and help you decide on what ductwork jobs you may in Brandon, MS. Click here to learn more about AirSouth Cooling and Heating.

Just want to commend AirSouth for there outstanding customer service. From the day my unit was installed on 08/14/2017

- Tom Sierant

AirSouth did a great job removing our old ac unit and installing a new one. I really appreciated how every time the guys entered my house, they wore shoe covers

- Page Callen

AirSouth Cooling and Heating was recommended to me about two years ago when my wife and I relocated to Mississippi.

- Dennis Ballinger

If I was rating their installation on a basis 1-10, theirs would be 11. They are very efficient and cordial, work quality is very good, and they are gentlemen.

- Haskel Hood