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That Gas Smell Is a Sign You Need Repairs

scared-woman-covering-mouthThere is no heating repair in Jackson, MS that you should ignore, let’s make that clear right now. However, there are some repair needs that are going to prove to be a bit more dangerous than others. This is especially true in regards to any repair need involving a gas leak.

Chances are that you know if you are smelling gas in your home it is bad news. But you may be curious what is causing the leak. We can answer that question and more about what repair your heater may need–but first please evacuate your home and call emergency services. Gas leaks in your home are something you don’t want to mess with. You can read more about what heating system issue causes a gas leak when you and your loved ones are safe!

Why Do I Smell Gas?

Did you smell gas in your home? If so, did you evacuate the home and reach out to the appropriate authorities before returning here? If you did, great! If not, please get yourself to safety before you continue!

Gas leaks aren’t something that should be thought of as common when it comes to your natural gas furnaces. Furnaces are built to last and made to operate as safely as possible. However, gas leaks from this system can occur. The main source of the smell is likely to be a cracked heat exchanger.

What is a Cracked Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is the part of your furnace that fills with combustion gases. Because it is a metal component, the exchanger will heat up, allowing the warmth from the gases to transfer through the metal and into the air around this part which is then passed into the house.

When your heat exchanger develops a crack, it becomes a problem rapidly. Each time the heat exchanger warms up, the metal expands slightly which allows the crack to open up. This, of course, allows combustion gases to escape into the air that is then blown into your home. This is a problem for two key reasons:

  1. Less heat: When those gases are leaking out of the exchanger, it can actually slow down the heating process.
  2. Health dangers: Combustion gases include things like carbon monoxide which you definitely don’t want in the air in your home because it is toxic!

Addressing a Leaking Furnace

So, let’s say you are standing outside your home right now because you smelled gas when you were running your furnace. Your next question probably is going to be, “What do I do now?” Well, once an emergency professional checks your home and clears it for re-entry, you want to reach out for repairs ASAP. Don’t turn your heater back on until after a professional gets it back into working order. The sooner you get your furnace fixed the better off and safer you will be.

When you need professional repairs in the central Mississippi area, you can come to the team at AirSouth Cooling and Heating. We even provide emergency services because we know that furnace issues rarely occur when it is most convenient.

Schedule a repair with us today.

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