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Is Your Comfort Issue In Your Ductwork?

air-ventImagine what your hot water heater would do without any pipes that connected it to the faucets and spigots around your home. Without those pipes to deliver the hot water, your water heater would be useless. Even leaking pipes are going to negatively impact the job the system has to do. The same concept can be applied to your ductwork.

Leaking ducts, dirty ducts, or even disconnected ducts are going to have a negative impact on your home comfort. Your ductwork is the delivery system for the temperature-controlled air your heater (and, in summer, your AC) provides. So, when something seems off about your home comfort, the issue may lie with your ducts rather than your heater! We can help you determine the source of your troubles.

Are Your Comfort Issues In Your Ductwork?

Let’s say you’ve noticed that the heat in the home isn’t quite what it should be. Or maybe you’ve noticed more dust coming out of your vents around the house. These can be indicators of trouble in your ducts! Here are some of the key warning signs to watch for that will let you know that the trouble with your home comfort comes from your ducts:

  • Airflow in one or more rooms has gotten weaker
  • Your energy bills have started to increase
  • It takes longer to heat the home
  • Allergies and respiratory issues have been on the rise
  • You’ve noticed debris around your vents

Do any of these signs sound familiar? If so, you’ll want to reach out to us for help with your ducts! We have the solutions that can address dirty or leaking ductwork.

Solving Dirty or Leaking Ducts

So, you think you may have dirty or leaking ductwork in your home, impacting your comfort and your indoor air quality. If that is the case, a professional can provide a solution that will address the issue correctly. We have those solutions available for you. Here is how we can help:

  • Duct testing: This is a service that only a professional can provide. Using the appropriate tools, we can assess the state or your ductwork to determine if there are any issues with it such as dirty build-up or leaks. Knowing the source of the problem is the first step to addressing it so you can save your money and enjoy better comfort.
  • Duct cleaning: Over time, dirt, fur, dust, and other debris can collect in your ductwork. It may not seem like this can have much of an impact but it really can. Dirty ductwork can reduce airflow and reduce your indoor air quality-this obviously reduces your comfort too. Our duct cleaning services in Brandon can clear out all that debris and leave you with a strong flow of clean air again.
  • Duct sealing: Last but not least, you can come to us for duct sealing services. This is the best solution for leaks in your ductwork. Duct sealing is going to zip up these leaks so you aren’t losing any valuable warm air or any energy along with it. Ditch the duct tape and call us instead.

Need help with your ductwork? Contact AirSouth Cooling and Heating to schedule an appointment.

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