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Commercial Duct Cleaning in Brandon, MS & Surrounding Areas

The modern commercial building often has the ductwork on the ceiling exposed, which is much different from the older style using drywall ceiling panels. But even if you can see the ducts in the work space, this doesn’t mean you’ll have a good idea what’s inside them. And what’s inside them is often a heavy layer of dust, lint, and other debris. Professionals must regularly clean the ducts to keep the HVAC system for your business working at peak levels.

Don’t cut corners with this job. We certainly don’t! And that’s why you should call us for your commercial duct cleaning in Brandon, MS and throughout Central Mississippi. Think of AirSouth Cooling and Heating first when you require commercial heating and cooling services—and you’ll come out ahead!

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Is Duct Cleaning for My Business Really Necessary?

Yes! You may not realize how many particles inside the air of your commercial building circulate through the ventilation system daily, but it’s immense. Even a small house can circulate more than 40 lbs. of dust annually!

It takes only a short time for commercial ductwork to collect a layer of debris along the walls. This places friction against the airflow from the blower fan, cutting down immensely on system energy efficiency. We recommend professional duct cleaning every one to three years, depending on the business.

The Benefits of Regular Commercial Duct Cleaning

If you still feel conflicted about schedule duct cleaning as a regular service, consider the benefits you gain:

  • Reduced Energy Costs: All that dust and lint inside the ducts chokes off airflow. This puts more strain on the blower fan, and in turn that shows up as elevated utility bills. In business, you never want to pay more for any service than you need to.
  • Longer Equipment Life: The extra stress placed on the HVAC system from clogged ducts results in the equipment wearing down faster and requiring an early replacement. Debris can also enter the equipment cabinet, creating damage.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality: Clean ductwork means less air contaminant circulating through your building. And that means better health for employees and customers.

Only Go with a Licensed Commercial HVAC Contractor for Duct Cleaning

If you think for even a moment about attempting to clean your ducts on your own, you’ll realize it’s hopeless. The network of ducts is too extensive and much of it out of reach. The best you can do is clean off vent covers, which hardly helps.

But don’t let amateurs who make big promises for suspiciously low prices take on this work either. The job needs technicians who are skilled and have powerful tools like agitators and rotary brushes. When you call us, you’ll receive the quality cleaning your business needs.

We Value Your Time!

Time is critical for any commercial enterprise, and we don’t want to waste any of yours. This is why we offer the "We Value Your Time Guarantee." You can reach us—a real person, not a machine—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll always call you when a technician is dispatched for an appointment time so you won’t have to hold up business operations waiting for the duct cleaning to start. Learn more about our other Golden Guarantees.

Your Commercial HVAC Contractor of Choice in Brandon, MS

AirSouth Cooling and Heating is a licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC contractor offering commercial ventilation services in Brandon, MS and the surrounding areas. We have the finest duct cleaning equipment and the certified technicians who know how to use it. We’re so certain of your satisfaction that we back up all our work with a 100% guarantee.

You can also trust us with any other commercial heating or cooling service you may need. Heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, and full maintenance—it’s all here!

James, I wanted to let you how much we appreciate the time and effort you spent with us explaining and answering questions about our new A/C installation.

- Guy and Patty Barbee

They were very professional, and took their time to protect every thing so nothing would be broken.

- Andy Breaux

AirSouth did a great job removing our old ac unit and installing a new one. I really appreciated how every time the guys entered my house, they wore shoe covers

- Page Callen

Just want to commend AirSouth for there outstanding customer service. From the day my unit was installed on 08/14/2017

- Tom Sierant