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Insulation in Brandon, MS & Surrounding Areas

The insulation in your home’s attic is there for a good reason: the attic is the spot in a house where heat can easily escape during cold weather and where the intense heat in the summer can allow it to seep into the living spaces. With poor insulation, or insulation that needs additions, you’ll experience discomfort around the year and waste power running the heater and air conditioner overtime.

AirSouth Cooling and Heating is proud to offer fast insulation repairs, replacements, and additions with blown-in insulation. We have certified and licensed technicians who can see the job gets done right in Brandon, MS or elsewhere in our service area. Think of us first when you require home performance services—and you’ll come out ahead!

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What Is Blown–In Insulation?

It’s a type and method of attic and wall insulation that’s sometimes called loose–fill insulation. Instead of cutting fiberglass batts to place down in the attic floor or fit between the walls, blown–in insulation is sent out through a larger hose and laid over the spaces requiring more heat sealing.

The actual insulation is cellulose made from recycled paper. When you throw out an old telephone book, it may end up being part of your ceiling insulation! The paper is treated with boric acid so it’s fire resistant. A blower then sends out these balls of cellulose through a hose so it can be easily applied. For walls, blown–in insulation is the easiest way to provide additional insulation (professionals would otherwise have to tear open walls to put in fiber glass batts), but it’s also popular for fast work in attics.

Benefits of Going with Blown–In Insulation

As we mentioned above, blown–in insulation is much easier for adding to an existing home because the walls don’t need to be ripped open to add it. It’s a fast method for heat sealing the attic without the time taken to measure and cut fiberglass batts. Loose–fill is also great for filling in oddly shaped gaps between joists in an attic, those spots that allow heat to escape because they’re difficult to insulate by other methods and materials.

Blown–in insulation has comparable R–value to fiberglass, and it’s eco–friendly because it’s made from recycled material. It also lasts longer in general than fiberglass because it resists mold and mildew. You can expect to lower your energy bills by 20% with blown–in insulation.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction with Our Insulation Work

When you work with us, you’ll have the best people in the business on the job, using the finest materials available. This is part of our "We Value Your Satisfaction Guarantee." If within the first year you are at all dissatisfied—for any reason—with our service or our people, get in touch with us. We’ll do all we can to make it right and see that the work is done to your full satisfaction. This is one of our Golden Guarantees: learn more about the others!

Calling on Professionals for the Best Insulation in the Brandon, MS Area

You can rent a blower that sends out blown–in insulation, but this is not the best way to do the work. Putting in this new insulation is more complicated than standing in your attic and just spraying the cellulose around. Putting insulation between walls is also tricky unless you’re a professional. You may also end up adding too much or too little insulation, and you’ll end up with trouble like trapped moisture or a drafty house.

AirSouth Cooling and Heating offers blown–in insulation services in Brandon, MS. Along with new insulation, we also offer insulation repair and insulation replacement. Trust us to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable. Learn more about what makes AirSouth Cooling and Heating your #1 choice for professional local HVAC services.

They were very professional, and took their time to protect every thing so nothing would be broken.

- Andy Breaux

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- Guy and Patty Barbee

The lady that took my request was very pleasant. The technician was extremely professional, courteous, efficient, and friendly.

- Richard Buza

If I was rating their installation on a basis 1-10, theirs would be 11. They are very efficient and cordial, work quality is very good, and they are gentlemen.

- Haskel Hood