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Surviving the Next Storm: Why You Need a New Generator in Mississippi

Monday, May 27th, 2024

Mississippi is no stranger to severe weather. From tropical storms and hurricanes to winter ice storms and tornadoes, power outages are a frequent reality for residents. These outages can disrupt daily life, impacting everything from food safety and comfort to work and communication.

While flashlights and portable coolers offer temporary solutions, a whole-house generator installation provides the ultimate peace of mind and keeps your home functioning during power cuts. Just make sure you schedule your next generator installation in Clinton with our team of experts!

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Short Cycling: This Summer’s Big AC Problem to Be Vigilant Of

Monday, May 13th, 2024

As summer temperatures soar, our air conditioners (AC) become our saving graces. But what happens when your AC starts acting strange, turning on and off rapidly without ever reaching that cool, refreshing temperature you crave? This, dear reader, is short cycling, and it can spell big trouble for your AC unit, and your wallet, if left unchecked. Just make sure you schedule AC repair in Crystal Springs when needed.

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