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Commercial Indoor Air Quality in Brandon, MS & Surrounding Areas

Here’s a disturbing statistic that comes straight from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: the air quality inside buildings can often be three to four times worse than the quality of the air outside. This is the opposite of what people assume is true. The difficulty is that buildings are designed to stop heat from entering the building or escaping it. This helps to boost the building’s energy efficiency, but it traps air inside that turns stale and picks up numerous indoor air pollutants.

Your business in Brandon and throughout Central Mississippi could likely benefit from professional indoor air quality services. AirSouth Cooling and Heating is a licensed, insured, and bonded HVAC contractor capable of handling the IAQ solutions your business needs. Speak to a representative today to find out how we can provide better air for your work place.

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The Dangers of Low Air Quality in Commercial Buildings

Both residential and commercial homes have the dilemma of poor indoor air quality because of great energy efficiency. It’s difficult, almost impossible, to eliminate the source of the air pollutants causing the problem because they come from so many different places. Construction materials, office supplies, print cartridges, air fresheners, varnishes, etc. Depending on the nature of your business, you may have hazardous chemicals entering the air all the time. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are one of the main culprits.

Poor indoor air quality can have numerous negative effects on a work place. It creates headaches, migraines, strain, trouble concentrating, itchy and irritated skin. It makes the air unpleasant to breathe. It permits the rapid spread of illnesses that can chop down company productivity. It can even create long–term side effects with life–endangering conditions.

Potential Commercial IAQ Solutions

What can be done to combat the different airborne contaminants and other problems (like high/low humidity) that can create an unhealthy environment for your business? There are many options our experts offer:

  • Air Filters: Almost any business can benefit from mechanical air filters. We’ll see your HVAC system is matched to a filter of the right strength.
  • Air Purifiers: These electronic air cleaners attack particles able to sneak through the fibers of filters. They affect smoke, chemicals, VOCs, odor molecules, and even bacteria and viruses.
  • Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators: Let the fresh outdoor air into your commercial building—without forcing the AC or heater to work harder! ERVs and HRVs freshen the air while saving you money.
  • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers: If imbalanced humidity is the problem with your commercial air quality, we’ll install the proper system into the ventilation to balance it.

We Protect You with Our Golden Guarantees

When you arrange for commercial indoor air quality services with us, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the finest work from trained technicians using the best materials. We back up all our work with our Golden Guarantees: we won’t waste your time, we’ll do the work to your satisfaction or else we’ll correct it until you’re satisfied, we offer a lifetime replacement guarantee, and we provide protection against manufacturer defects so you won’t be trapped with a "lemon." Find out more about our Golden Guarantees.

Trust to Our Commercial IAQ Professionals in Brandon, MS

Figuring out what a commercial building needs for the best air quality can be tricky. Even a small work space can suffer from numerous different contaminant sources. This, however, is what the service professionals at AirSouth Cooling and Heating are trained to do. They’ll handle finding the right set of IAQ solutions to give your business and the people in it the purified air they need. We back up our work with complete satisfaction guarantees, and we also offer free consultations and second opinions.

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