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Indoor Air Quality Services in Brandon, MS & Surrounding Areas in Central Mississippi.

Indoor comfort requires balancing the temperature into the right zone and keeping it there. However, there’s more to comfort than controlling the temperature. The quality of the air is critical as well. Imbalanced humidity, large quantities of dust and other pollutants, and stale air circulating around the rooms can make for an unpleasant, even sickly, home.

Indoor air quality solutions are a key part of HVAC work, and that means they’re a key part of what we do at AirSouth Cooling and Heating. Our service professionals work with different air quality systems throughout Brandon, MS & surrounding areas, and they’re ready to help you enjoy the best indoor air quality possible. Think of us first when you need comfort service—and you’ll come out ahead!

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Different Air Quality Systems to Consider

As with heating and air conditioning, there is no "one–size–fits–all" air quality system for a home. Most homes require a combination of different IAQ products. Our professionals can see you end up with the right ones.

  • Air Filters: An air filter catches particles in the air as they attempt to move through it. Air filtration systems require no power to run and come in a range of strengths. An IAQ expert matches filters to the HVAC system so the filters won’t create blockage against airflow.
  • Air Purifiers: Some smaller particles will get through filters, and this is where electronic air purifiers are helpful. Using ionization, oxidization, or ultraviolet lights, air purifiers can eliminate many small but harmful pollutants.
  • Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators: Would you like to enjoy fresh air in your house—without having to open up the doors and windows to allow cold or hot air flood inside? Energy and heat recovery ventilators (ERVs and HRVs) are the answer. They pre–heat and pre–cool fresh air from outside before it enters your living space.
  • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers: Imbalanced humidity is a major comfort issue for homes. It can also lead to damage to furnishings and possessions and create health complications. Whole–house humidifiers and dehumidifiers will take care of this.

Air Duct Services Can Also Improve Indoor Air Quality

The ductwork in your home can suffer from damage and air leaks, and it will also collect large amounts of dust and other debris over time. Neither situation is good for your home’s air quality. They aren’t good for the HVAC system either, leading to a drop in comfort and steep rise in energy bills. Our service professionals take care of duct sealing and duct cleaning that removes troubles from bad ductwork. Clean and airtight ducts will benefit your home in many ways.

We Back Up Our Workmanship

When we hire technicians to handle indoor air quality, we look for people with the best skill, workmanship, and attitude. They receive ongoing training so they’re up–to–date on the latest in IAQ technology. They promise not to smoke or swear in or near your house during a job, and they’re all drug–free. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with their work. if you don’t think they’ve met our high standards, we’ll refund the portion of the purchase price you think is fair. Learn more about our other guarantees!

Air Quality Systems Experts in Brandon, MS

You don’t have to worry about having too many options for improving your home’s air quality. You just have to leave the hard work to our professionals at AirSouth Cooling and Heating. They’ll find out what type of filters will strain your air and whether you need an air purifier of some type paired up with the filters. We’ll see that humidity problems—air that’s too dry or too humid—are taken care of.

In the Brandon, MS area, we’re the contractor to trust for all your HVAC needs. We take pride in building great relationships with customers so we can deliver the finest quality in installations, repairs, and maintenance.

If I was rating their installation on a basis 1-10, theirs would be 11. They are very efficient and cordial, work quality is very good, and they are gentlemen.

- Haskel Hood

They were very professional, and took their time to protect every thing so nothing would be broken.

- Andy Breaux

AirSouth Cooling and Heating was recommended to me about two years ago when my wife and I relocated to Mississippi.

- Dennis Ballinger

AirSouth did a great job removing our old ac unit and installing a new one. I really appreciated how every time the guys entered my house, they wore shoe covers

- Page Callen