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Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors in Brandon, MS

Whether you are living on your own or you have a family in your house, you want to ensure that your home is safe. One of the best safety measures you can take is to make sure that you have carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors that are working properly. These systems can actually save your life one day if something goes wrong with a gas-powered appliance or you encounter an electrical fire.

Carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, or fire alarms are vital. In most parts of the country, it is illegal for a home to be without these systems. You want to make sure that your detectors are set up and working properly. To do this, you need a team for your carbon monoxide detector installation or smoke detector installation.

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Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

Looking to keep your home safe in case of a problem with carbon monoxide in your home? If so, you can come to our team for the installation of this system. A professional technician is going to make sure that your carbon monoxide detector is set up and connected correctly. This will ensure that, if something were to go wrong with your gas-powered furnace or gas stove, this system can help alert you to the danger.
Our team can also offer you carbon monoxide detector replacement. If this system has stopped working altogether you need to get a new one installed in your home sooner than later. Our technicians can confirm whether or not you need a new CO detector and then get your detector replaced properly the first time around. Contact our team to get started.

Smoke Detector Installation

No home should ever be without a smoke detector. Trying to get by without this system or disconnecting the one you currently have is both dangerous and illegal. Smoke detectors are added to every modern home for good reason. These units will alert you to the presence of smoke in your house even if you haven’t noticed it already. This can make the difference between life and death if something goes wrong in the middle of the night and everyone is asleep.

AirSouth Cooling and Heating can provide you with both smoke detector installation and smoke detector replacement in Brandon, MS. Our goal is to keep you safe. Working with our professional team members ensures that your new smoke detector is installed and connected correctly the first time around. Don’t try to get by with a DIY or amateur installation. Invest in your home safety by coming to us.

James, I wanted to let you how much we appreciate the time and effort you spent with us explaining and answering questions about our new A/C installation.

- Guy and Patty Barbee

Just want to commend AirSouth for there outstanding customer service. From the day my unit was installed on 08/14/2017

- Tom Sierant

AirSouth did a great job removing our old ac unit and installing a new one. I really appreciated how every time the guys entered my house, they wore shoe covers

- Page Callen

The lady that took my request was very pleasant. The technician was extremely professional, courteous, efficient, and friendly.

- Richard Buza