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How to Tell You’d Benefit From Duct Cleaning

Duct being opened up by technician.

Without your ducts, your HVAC system would be at a loss. They’re important, which is why they also deserve some attention when your usual maintenance appointment comes around. Duct cleaning comes with its own benefits, but it’s not a practice you need to put into place every year like you do with HVAC maintenance.

In fact, duct cleaning in Hattiesburg, MS only needs to be done once every three to five years on average. It’s helpful for your air quality and acts as an inspection point for your HVAC technician. Here’s what you need to know about duct cleaning and if you would benefit from it.

There’s a Bad Odor Every Time You Turn on Your HVAC System

It’s not just exclusive to heaters being turned on for the first time all year. Your entire HVAC system can have a musty, stale odor trapped inside if there’s mold growth. Mold and mildew can grow here because the environment in your ducts is dark and can be slightly damp from humidity that travels through your ducts.

There’s Visible Mold On the Vents

While dust particles in the air (as minimal as they are) aren’t enough of a reason to get duct cleaning, mold is. Once mold is located in your ductwork, it pushes spores throughout your home every time air passes through the vent. The air filtration system that would normally catch particles and spores is at the intake stage of your HVAC system where your air filter is. Unless you have a whole-house air filtration system installed, there’s no secondary filtration system for your vents once the air has been heated or cooled.

You or a Family Member Have Allergies

If you have allergies related to pet dander, dust, and debris in the air, your air quality control efforts make a big difference in your day to day quality of life. You weren’t dealt a fair hand, but thankfully your HVAC system can help. Duct cleaning means there’s little to no secondary dust being fed into the air. Dust tends to accumulate in your vents over a slow march of time, so you should notice improved air quality immediately following a duct cleaning.

Lower Heating and Cooling Bills

When your ductwork has loads of dust built up, your blower motor may have to work harder to push out the proper amount of air to cool your home. In the long run, this means using more electricity while also putting additional wear and tear on the blower motor. If you notice your heating and cooling bills rising over time, this could be one of several factors.

Restore Your Air Quality Today

Your ducts don’t need a lot of TLC, but if it’s been at least three years since your last duct cleaning, it’s time to revitalize your ducts and ensure you’re breathing the cleanest possible air that you can. Make this part of your maintenance planning and set a reminder so you don’t forget to schedule this once every three years.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to have your ducts cleaned, and restore your home’s air quality back to where it should be.

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