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Protect Your Home Against Power Surges

Power surges are caused by more than just extreme lightning strike. In fact, you’re going to encounter small power surges almost every single day as the appliances in your home turn on and off. These smaller surges may not seem like much but over time they can start to cause some problems. Even smaller power surges can end up leading to damage to the appliances around your home if there is nothing around to stop or redirect that surge of electricity.

Knowing that your electrical appliances may be at risk can be somewhat stressful. This is why we are glad to be the ones to tell you that there is a way to protect your electrical system from that extra electricity. With the addition of a surge protector to your home, you can avoid the damage caused by electrical surges both small and large.

What Are Surge Protectors?

Surge protectors are an appliance that is installed within your electrical panel. Many people think of a power strip as a surge protector but this is not the same thing. While power strips can be handy, when they encounter large power surges they are actually more likely to melt and create a fire hazard than to actually protect your appliances.

Having a surge protector installed into your electrical panel by a trained electrician in Brandon, MS is going to re-route access electricity caused by a power surge, allowing it to protect the appliances in your home. This is a great addition to your home’s electrical system for the sake of the lifespan of your appliances and the overall safety of your home.

Signs You Need To Consider a Surge Protector

Surge protectors are going to be a great appliance to add to any home. However, we get it if you aren’t on board with installing one unless you really need it. Here are some indicators that you may want to consider installing a surge protector to protect your electrical appliances:

  • You have some burnt outlets. Have you noticed there are outlets around your home with scorch marks on them? This is usually a sign that there was a power surge causing an overload in your system while an appliance was plugged in.
  • You’ve noticed a burning smell from your outlets or wires. Can you smell something burning around one of the outlets in your home? This may be due to a power surge overheating the wires or the appliance plugged into that outlet.
  • You have frequently tripped circuits. Another sign that you should consider a surge protector is when you encounter a large number of tripped circuits. These are caused by surges of electricity that your electrical panel is made to protect your home from.

When you need help with your electrical system, make sure to turn to a trained electrician for help. You can find the professionals you need at AirSouth Cooling and Heating. We can help to assess your electrical system and figure out the best way to optimize yours.

Contact our team today to schedule your electrical services.

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