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3 Sounds Your Heat Pump Shouldn’t Make

What is that noise? Now that the guests are gone and things are calmer, you’ve noticed that there are some strange new sounds that you can hear in your home. Once everyone does a search around the house with you, it is discovered that the noise is coming from your heat pump mini split.

This Laurel, MS HVAC system is a year-round comfort resource and you haven’t noticed any issues with your home’s heating…yet. The fact is, those strange sounds that your heat pump is emitting are providing you with an early warning that something is up with your system. If something sounds off with your heat pump, don’t ignore it! Instead, reach out to AirSouth Cooling and Heating to get the noise identified and addressed.

3 Noises You Don’t Want to Hear From Your Heat Pump

One of the things that people love the most about heat pumps is that they operate much more quietly than standard central AC units do. This doesn’t mean they are 100% silent when in use though. It does tend to make it that much more disconcerting when you hear a weird noise coming from your system like:

  1. Rattling: The sound of something shaking around inside of your heat pump is never good. Often, rattling can be attributed to a loose part within your system that are vibrating or shaking around in its housing. Trust us, you want to address this issue before it morphs into a clattering sound which will mean that the loose part came free and could be doing all kinds of damage within your system.
  2. Screeching: This can be a hard sound to ignore and that is a good thing. Screeching, squealing, or even “screaming” are all indicators that there is a problem with metal grinding against metal in your heat pump. This may mean you have a fan blade coming loose and scraping around its housing or it could mean you have a blower motor belt that needs to b lubricated. Whatever the cause, the sooner this sound is dealt with the better.
  3. Hissing: Sometimes people may mistake hissing as the usual sound of air being blown out of their system. This is not the case. Hissing is going to indicate a couple of problems with your heat pump. For example, hissing may be caused by air being forced through a clogged air filter. On the other hand, this sound may be created when your heat pump develops a refrigerant leak. Don’t ignore hissing sounds from a heat pump!

Like we said before if your heat pump sounds like it is struggling, or it just sounds “off” you don’t want to ignore it. The sooner you call in a trained technician the better it will be for your home comfort. The professional members of our team can identify what the source of that strange sound is and get your heat pump back to normal easily.

Need help getting your heat pump back to normal? We are proud to say we are a go-to resource for services in the Central Mississippi area. Contact AirSouth Cooling and Heating today

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