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Problematic Sounds in Your AC

When your car starts to make strange noises that you’ve never heard before, do you ignore them? We certainly hope not, since that could lead to expensive repairs and even put you in danger! While odd noises from your air conditioning system might not necessarily mean that you are in danger, they can mean trouble for your home comfort. At the end of the day, don’t ignore those odd sounds because they often mean trouble!

If you have noticed that your AC system has started making new noises that are out of place or obnoxious, you will want to reach out for AC repair in Brandon, MS. Here are some of the sounds you will want to be on the alert for.

7 Sounds Your Air Conditioner Shouldn’t Make

These are seven different sounds that spell trouble for your air conditioner and your home comfort by default:

  1. Hissing: You may hear hissing and mistake it for the regular sound of air being pushed from your AC unit. Don’t mistake a hiss for a whoosh! Hissing isn’t a good sound to hear from your air conditioner. This sound is likely to be caused by an air filter that is overly clogged by debris. It may also be created by a refrigerant leak.
  2. Screeching: This grating and obnoxious noise is one that should never be ignored. Screeching or screaming sounds coming from your AC system indicate there is a serious problem such as loose fan blades scraping around the interior of the unit or a blower motor belt that is wearing out.
  3. Rattling: Does it sound like there is something shaking around in your system? A rattling noise is usually going to be a sign that you have a loose part in your system such as a bolt or screw that is shaking around in their housing. Address this sound before those parts break free!
  4. Clanking: Clanking or clanging noises usually follow a rattling noise. Why? Because a clanging sound means that those loose parts weren’t tightened in time and came free. This is a more serious noise as those loose parts can do some major damage inside your system.
  5. Buzzing: A buzzing noise from your air conditioner is not normal. This sound is usually an indicator of a problem with your unit’s electrical components. The sooner this is checked by a professional the better.
  6. Clicking: Your AC may make a brief amount of clicking at the beginning or end of your cooling cycle. However, extended periods with clicking sounds aren’t good news as it means something is up with your AC or your thermostat.
  7. Silence: Last but not least, you aren’t supposed to have a system that makes no noise whatsoever. If your AC is utterly silent, it means it isn’t operating! If you turn on your air conditioner and don’t hear anything at all, you’ll want to contact a professional ASAP.

If your AC system is sounding strange, don’t ignore it! Instead, reach out to us for repairs as soon as you can.

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