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Schedule Repairs if Your Heater Makes These Noises

furnace-inspectionNo heating system is completely silent. You will hear it cycle on and off and produce a whoosh of warm air, which is normal. If you have a ducted system, you’ll also probably hear the ducts expand and contract a bit.

You shouldn’t expect to hear much else beyond these noises. If you do, we recommend calling us for further investigation. Keep reading as we delve into the sounds that could mean trouble in your heating system.

What To Do About Excessive Noise

Assuming that the noise you hear is the heating system, you may need to investigate to determine whether or not your furnace is operating properly, and if not, whether you need to make any necessary repairs.

If you have a good and thorough knowledge of your furnace’s operation, you may be able to narrow down what is causing the noise. Howver, even if you feel confident in your assesment, it is best to consult a professional to give your system a diagnostic.

If you hear excessive noise, it could indicate that your system is in need of maintenance or heater repair in Hazelhurst, MS.

Scraping Sound

If you’re hearing a scraping sound coming from your heater, it’s a sign that your blower motor may be off kilter and only getting worse as time goes on. What does come next can land you in some costly repairs. If you’re hearing this then it is best to schedule an appointment to have it addressed sooner rather than later.


Any squealing noise that you heard could mean your blower fan belt is worn down or dry. This isn’t something to mess around with; it’s a serious issue as this belt can stop working entirely, disallowing the furnace from operating when you need it the most. Having a technician check and lubricate the belt is the best way to address this.

Loud Bang (or Boom!) at Start-up

A loud bang or boom during startup is one of the most alarming noises, but it can also be an easy and relatively cheap fix, depending on what’s causing it. In one case, you may be hearing an aggresive expansion in your ducts that may indicate your furnace is oversized. In another case, the boom may indicate delayed ignition which can be addressed by having a profesional check and clean your burners.

Low Rumbling

If you hear a low, rumbling sound from your furnace, you might want to check the flame. Rumbling noises can be indicative of a low pilot flame. In general, pilot flames should be full on and bright. If your pilot light is less than full or is discolored or flickering, you should call a heating contractor to check it out.

Our team of full-service heating technicians will cover all your system repairs.  AirSouth Cooling and Heating offers heating services to homeowners throughout the area Our list of services covers everything from maintenance to replacement.

Contact the experts on our team today to schedule an appointment for your heating repairs.

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