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When Was Your Last Filter Change?

vent-cleaningWhen we discuss the air filter for your HVAC system there are some details that we want to clarify. This is because there are some misconceptions that the average person may encounter in regard to a system air filter and they can hinder your ability to take care of your HVAC systems–the main one being that your air filter is there to help clean the air flowing into your home. The reality is different.

Read on to learn more about why regular filter changes are important to your air conditioning in Hattiesburg, MS and why you can count on us to help with this an other system service needs.

How an Air Filter Helps Your AC System

First things first, let’s define what your air filter actually does. While this part of your system doesn’t move or do anything especially fancy, it helps by simply being where it is–in your return air duct. While here, this filter captures and removes a variety of airborne contaminants from the air that enters your air conditioner.

Doing this keeps the air entering your comfort system cleaner which has long lasting benefits. Those benefits include better system efficiency and effectiveness.

What Happens When a Filter Isn’t Regularly Changed

Your air filter is a semi-permeable membrane that needs to be changed on a regular basis. Why? Because if your filter is allowed to become too dirty and remain in place, it can start to have a negative effect on your system operation, rather than a positive one. Issues that a dirty filter can create includes:

  • Reduced airflow: This can undermine your comfort and can increase the risks of short cycling.
  • Increased energy use: When the airflow reaching your comfort system is too weak, your system will have to work harder and longer to try to adjust the temperature.
  • Increased repair needs: A dirty air filter isn’t gong to just be an inefficiency issue. This can also increase the risks that your home comfort system will require more repairs over the course of its lifespan.

You Need a Clean Filter For Your Heater Too!

If you haven’t changed  your air filter recently, now is a good time to do so. After all, changing your filter is going to help both your AC unit and your heater too. Keeping a clean air filter in place will benefit your heater for the same reason that it benefits your AC–keeping the air flowing into your system clean and strong. Getting into the habit of changing your filter regularly benefits your home comfort all year long.

When To Change Your System Filter

When you schedule a tune-up with one of the technicians on our team, a filter change is actually a part of the service. However this isn’t the only time that you should change the filter in your system.

We’d advise getting into the habit of checking your filter on a regular basis and changing it every one to three months as needed, based on your system usage. When you check it regularly (once a month) you’ll be more likely to notice when you need to change your system filter when it gets too dirty.

Contact AirSouth Cooling & Heating to schedule maintenance or learn more about your system filter.

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