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How Your Insulation Keeps You Comfortable

insulationWhen you think about insulation you probably think about how it helps keep your home warm in the winter–but did you know that it plays a big role in keeping you cool during summertime too? If you didn’t know this already, we’d love to tell you more. The team at AirSouth Cooling and Heating work hard to keep the residents around Brandon, MS comfortable and that means being pros with handling every possible factor that can impact your home environment–from your AC operation to the insulation in your walls.

When we discuss insulation our goal is twofold: 1) To let you know how important your insulation is in helping you keep you cool this summer and 2) to tell you how we can help!

The Role Your Insulation Plays in Your Home Comfort

The insulation in your home is placed in your walls, crawlspace, or your attic to help keep temperature-controlled air within your house. During the winter months, this means keeping warm air inside your home. Believe it or not, during the summer, that insulation is just as important in the process of keeping that warm air outside. In short, insulation is going to help prevent heat transfer so your home can stay cool during the summer season by preventing all that cool air from escaping out of your home and by keeping that hot, humid air outside where it belongs.

What’s Can Go Wrong With Your Insulation?

Your insulation can deteriorate even if it seems to be tucked away safely within your walls. Age can cause insulation to breakdown, humidity can lead to deterioration, and so on. The end result of all of these problems is that your insulation won’t be able to do its job nearly as well until it is repaired or replaced.

The Perks of Proper Insulation

If your insulation is lacking, as it might be in an older home, or is starting to break down due to regular wear and tear, you will want to do what is necessary to get it back into fighting form. You’ll enjoy several benefits if you update your insulation such as:

  • Improved energy efficiency: Because insulation reduces heat transfer and keeps the cool air your AC produces in your home where it belongs, it reduces the job your system has to do, allowing it to use less energy and thereby optimizing its energy efficiency.
  • Better indoor air quality: When the heat and humidity and debris are kept outside of your home, it is going to help your indoor air quality too. Insulation keeps your home’s air cleaner and more comfortable.
  • Boosted comfort levels: When your air conditioner is able to keep your home cooler, the air is cleaner and less humid, and the heat is kept outside, it is going to keep your home as optimally comfortable as it can be!

We’ll Keep Your Insulation in Great Shape

If you need to insulate your home or need to repair the insulation already in your home, we can help. Our insulation services are going to be a great solution for your home comfort needs.

Contact AirSouth Cool and Heating to learn more.

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