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5 Weird AC Noises You Should Not Ignore

Like any other machine, your air conditioner has different ways to alert you if it is having problems. If your AC is making weird noises, chances are it needs repairs. If you don’t pay attention to what your AC is saying, you might end up with one that doesn’t work. We are here to help you detect these noises and tell you what they mean. 

Let’s jump into the noises your AC is probably making and why you shouldn’t ignore them:


If your AC is making a rattling noise, it might mean that a part or parts of it have gotten loose. The rattling noise coming from the outside can also indicate the presence of debris or outside particles stuck in the grill of your condenser unit. This noise requires a little more investigation so it is best to turn off the system until you can find the source and address it.

If you notice that a part has gotten lose, it’s a sign that you should call a professional immediately.


If you hear a squealing noise, the first and most important step is to turn off your air conditioner. This sound can either mean that you have a loose belt or that there’s increased internal pressure in your AC. The internal pressure affects the compressor and can cause the unit to stop.

Turning off the unit will prevent any further damage until professional steps in to help.


The clicking sound that you hear when you turn your air conditioner on or off is normal. However, if this sound continues throughout your system’s cooling cycle, it could mean your AC has an electrical issue. Since there are many electrical components in an air conditioner, and checking all of them would be dangerous, we recommend calling a professional for help right away.


A buzzing sound or a loud vibrating noise could also mean that your air conditioner has an electrical issue that needs fixing right away. There is a chance this noise can be caused by a dirty filter so make sure to check the filter and change it regularly. However, if the fan motor or lose wiring is causing it, you might want to call a technician immediately.


A banging noise is hard to miss and it’s also worrisome. A loud banging noise could mean that your system’s fan alignment is out or your motor mounts have gotten loose. In any case, you should turn your AC off right away and call a technician for help.

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