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What You May Not Know About Ductless AC Systems

Is there a room in your house that does not get air conditioner cooling? Do you want to utilize this space? Well, you can make use of a ductless AC system to help you.

They are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners as they are efficient and are the new air conditioning technology in the market!

What is a Ductless AC System?

A ductless AC system is somewhat similar to a central cooling system, but with one big difference. A central cooling system has one outdoor unit and one indoor unit; a ductless AC system uses one outdoor unit and up to 4 indoor air handlers, that can be mounted high up on the walls in each of the rooms they’re installed in. 

Who should Put up a Ductless AC System

If you’re a homeowner with limited space or are someone who wants an effective way for a room to be cooled, then you should use a ductless AC system. This system is beneficial for you, especially if you don’t have space in your attic or behind drywall to install ductwork.

Benefits of Ductless AC Systems

  1. Cut down costs

Ductless systems can be used for both cooling and heating, and each air handler can be controlled independently of each other. This makes them far more efficient than central air conditioners as well as central heaters, because they transfer heat instead of generating heat. 

  1. Space Saving

The reason why most people opt for a ductless AC system is because of its natural tendency to save space. You don’t have to worry about having floor space to install an indoor unit in your home, as the air handlers, as we mentioned above, can be wall-mounted. 

  1. Different temperature preferences

Perhaps, the best thing about a ductless AC system is that anyone can set the temperature according to their preferences in each individual area of the home. This is impossible to do in a central cooling system.

  1. Efficient technology

Ductless AC units can save up to 30% of your energy costs as their efficient ductless technology saves energy when cooling your home.

  1. No noise

As opposed to traditional cooling options with ductwork, a ductless AC system does not make noise. Since the outdoor compressor is installed outside of your house, there is no chance of unnecessary noise.

  1. Long Lifespan

A product’s lifespan depends on numerous factors such as the quality of care and the extent of its running. With the correct maintenance and repair, ductless AC systems can last for up to twenty years.

We always recommend doing your research before deciding on any type of AC installation, and a ductless system is no exception. However, when you’re ready for a ductless installation, your go-to HVAC company is AirSouth Cooling and Heating.

Where to Ask for Help?

Interested in installing a ductless system or want consultation on ductless systems in Brandon, MS, you should reach out to the efficient team at AirSouth Cooling and Heating. Visit their website to use the live chat option, schedule an appointment online or call them.

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