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5 Sounds You Don’t Want an AC to Make

Your air conditioner is never going to be silent when it is operating–this is a simple fact. That said, there are plenty of noises you don’t want to hear coming from your cooling system. Noises are a great indicator of what is going on within your AC system. This means that when you listen to any sounds coming from your cooling system, you may be able to identify any problems that it is encountering.

But why would you want to give your air conditioner a listen? We don’t expect you to sit around to take note of every noise it makes. You would want to listen to any sounds coming from your AC because it is likely going to be paired with other problems such as poor cooling–and that means it is time to schedule an AC repair in Flowood, MS.

Call a Pro If Your AC Makes Any of These 5 Noises

Hearing something strange coming from your air conditioner? If so you shouldn’t ignore it–especially if it sounds like any of these warning noises:

  1. Screeching: It can be obnoxious and bothersome which may be a good thing if only because people are more apt to address it that much faster. This sound indicates that there is metal scraping against metal inside your AC. Whether this is caused by loose fan blades or a poorly lubricated motor belt, the sooner it is addressed, the better it will be for you and your home comfort.
  2. Rattling or Clanging: When something in your AC system becomes loose, you are bound to hear it! First, you may hear a rattling noise that can be created by a bolt or screw that is loose and rattling around in its housing. If that goes on long enough it may escalate into a clanging noise which is created by that loose part now bouncing around inside your system.
  3. Hissing: Don’t mistake hissing for the sound of regular airflow! A hissing noise coming from your air conditioner is going to be a sign of a refrigerant leak. What you are hearing is gaseous refrigerant escaping through that leak.
  4. Bubbling: Bubbling is another noise that indicates a refrigerant leak in your system. The difference here is that the leak is in a part of the line where the refrigerant is still in liquid form. That bubbling is created by air entering the line while refrigerant is escaping.
  5. Silence: We don’t want to skip this one because silence can sometimes be mistaken for a quiet system. If your air conditioner isn’t making any noise it means that it isn’t operating! This is an absolute sign that you need repairs if not a complete system replacement.

There are plenty of noises that you shouldn’t hear coming from your air conditioning system. So, the next time you use your AC, it is worth it to give it a listen. The sooner you reach out to us when you hear something troubling, the sooner we can arrive and fix it!

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