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3 Ways to Take the Load Off Your AC This Season


Installing the right air conditioner is just the first step. The next is running that air conditioner efficiently, and it’s crucial.

Running an AC inefficiently is going to cost you more in operational costs, but that’s not all. An inefficient system will also put unneeded wear and tear on your air conditioner. That increases your risk of encountering a repair issue and will simply end up costing you more money in the long-run.

After all, air conditioning repairs in Jackson, MS are something to be avoided—you never know just how much they’ll cost.

To take the load off your AC this season and keep it running efficiently, here are 4 things you can do for it:

Ventilate Your Attic

Why do that? After all, most people only spend a few minutes in their attic. That’s true, but the benefits of ventilating an attic with an attic fan have nothing to do with trying to reside in there comfortably.

It turns out, your attic can serve as a big pocket for collecting hot air. It can even get as hot as 120°F to 130°F degrees! That heat will transfer through the walls and ceilings and warm up the rest of your home.

Now, add your air conditioner into the equation. Your AC will be working tirelessly to cool down your home. Meanwhile, the heat in the attic will be resisting the temperature change. That means your AC is working harder and longer just to keep you comfortable. Using an attic fan can help bring cool air into the attic to resolve this issue.

Clean Your Ducts and Your System

Duct cleaning is the service of cleaning out your air ducts from all the dust, mold, mildew and dirt that has built up over the years. Dirty ducts will recirculate the same contaminants through your system several times over, meaning that you’ll be breathing that same dirty air! A thorough cleaning of the ducts is your solution.

And don’t forget to have your air conditioner cleaned, too. A dirty AC can contribute to inefficient performance and, in some cases, repair problems. For example, too much dust on the evaporator coil can reduce its ability to absorb air. That can lead to the coils getting too cold and freezing over. Frozen coils lead to restricted airflow, damage to the compressor, and a drop in cooling power.

Replace the Insulation

In most cases, a good insulation job won’t need to be changed out for several years. However, sometimes people forget just how many years have passed since they’ve had the insulation replaced!

Insulation is what keeps hot air in or out of your home. In the winter, a good layer of insulation will keep the home warm as you run your heater. In the summer, it’s what will keep the warm air outside of the home. Anything you can do to keep hot air out of your home in summer will help reduce the burden on your AC

Along with annual maintenance and home performance checks from your preferred Jackson, MS HVAC contractor, it’s worth having the insulation inspected in case it needs to be replaced.

To learn more about increasing efficiency in your home, contact AirSouth Cooling and Heating today.

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