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How Complicated Could AC Replacement Be?

ac-repairs-replacementOnce you’ve decided it’s time for air conditioning replacement, you’ll need to have a qualified HVAC contractor come and install it for you. Why do that, you might ask, if they’re just going to replace the system? How hard could it be to unplug the old system and put it a new one in its place?

The short answer is that replacing an AC isn’t as easy as you’d think. The longer answer goes like this:

First, Determine That Your AC Needs Replacement

The second worst thing you could do is to replace your air conditioner needlessly. The first worst thing you could do is to keep running an air conditioner that desperately needs replacement!

An aging air conditioner will cost more to operate, demand more repairs, and generally lack the same efficiency and cooling power of its youth. Hanging onto an AC for several years after its expiration and boasting that “it still works just fine” is just going to cost you more in the end.

An expert of air conditioning services in Brandon, MS will be able to confirm your suspicions that your aging, underperforming AC needs replacements.

Renovations Might Be Necessary

Before installing or replacing any AC system, your space must accommodate it. Shoving an air conditioner in the corner of the home isn’t enough–an installation without much thought put behind it won’t allow the AC to work at full efficiency. It’s even possible that your home was never properly designed or renovated for your air conditioner in the first place.

For example, to circulate the air properly, an air conditioner needs a few feet of clearance on each side. If your unit is installed in too tight of a corner, it won’t be able to run nearly as well as it should.

The Ductwork Needs Testing

If you’re replacing an air conditioner that served you well for many years, it’s likely that other components of the system have become subject to wear and tear. Namely, the ductwork.

Ducts can become disconnected or form tears and leaks over time. For one, this can lead to substantial loss of energy when you operate your AC. And second, they can create problems when sizing the new unit.

If you’ve had thorough and consistent maintenance through the life of your system, the ducts should have been checked regularly for leaks and disconnects. This step may have been skipped by a less qualified contractor, but it definitely shouldn’t be overlooked during AC replacement.

New Air Conditioners Require Sizing

New air conditioners have better efficiency ratings than the ones before it, including your old AC. One cannot simply replace their AC with “the same kind” of AC and expect everything to go off without a hitch. That’s how we end up with oversized air conditioning installations (a huge efficiency problem)!

How does a proper HVAC technician prevent this? One is through the use of load calculations, which take into consideration the home’s square footage, insulations, windows, and more. Based on your region, they’ll also have to take the amount of sunlight exposure and the number of occupants in the home.

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