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3 Reasons to Always Hire A Professional for AC Services

hvac-technician-performing-air-conditioner-repairYour air conditioner is an investment meant to last you for over a decade. You wouldn’t ever purposely hire a non-professional to work on an AC, right?

You might be tempted to hire an amateur for what seems like a small and easy job. But trust us when we say that HVAC systems are way more complicated than they seem. In this post, we’ll go over a few reasons why you should stick to a professional for any air conditioning repair service in Brandon, MS.

1. Schedule Your Maintenance and Repairs

The operative word here being “schedule,” we highly recommend not waiting until your AC breaks before you call repairs. Why? Although a good HVAC company will be available 24/7 for your emergency requests, it’s something we think you can avoid. There’s no reason to subject yourself to waiting in the heat on the day that your AC breaks down, completely derailing whatever plans you had.

The second reason is that waiting for your AC to breakdown will reduce its lifespan. If your AC is in enough trouble that it needs repairs, it’s most likely because a part or component has gone bad—something that could have been fixed during a scheduled repair.

If you don’t know some of the warning signs of AC malfunction, it can appear to be running fine even if some of the components aren’t working the way they should. During this time, unnecessary wear-and-tear will plague your system. For example, short-cycling is a common issue with many different causes. It forces your air conditioner on and off rapidly. This puts extreme stress on your system since starting up your system takes the most amount of energy. This could lead to your system overheating or breaking down. By the time it fails on you, you might already be looking at additional damages.

2. They’re Licensed

There are several reasons why hiring a licensed contractor is superior, from professionalism to insurance. But most importantly, for your safety, every licensed contractor will only install and repair based on building codes.

Here’s one example: did you know that connecting your HVAC system to your garage can be a deadly violation of building code? Garages get hot, so it’s not uncommon for homeowners to ask that they’re included in the installation plan. However, garages are typically filled with toxic fumes from your car or from the chemicals and fuels stored there.

An HVAC system connected to the garage will allow carbon monoxide and other deadly fumes to be pulled into your house, endangering you and your family. An unlicensed HVAC contractor might have no qualms about performing this job for you if you’re willing to pay.

3. 24/7 Emergency Services

Do you know any amateurs that are willing to help fix your air conditioner at 2:00 AM in the morning? We didn’t think so. But for a professional HVAC company, that sort of call is just part of the job.

Machines never break down when convenient. If you need repairs done quickly, no matter what the reason, a professional that offers 24/7 services will not let you down.

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