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What’s the Deal with HRVs and ERVs?

blue-question-markIt is rainy and cold out and you’re all bundled up with the heater going strong. Of all the things you could do right now, would you open a window?

The answer is probably a resounding, “No!”

You likely don’t want to go hang around outside either. And yet, how else are you going to fulfill that craving you have been feeling for fresh air lately?

What if we told you that there was an air system that you could install in your home that would provide you with fresh air without negatively affecting your comfort? It might sound too good to be true but we promise it is a real thing!

This is exactly what Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) do! Let’s talk a little bit more about what these systems can do for your home.

What Do HRVs and ERVs Do?

You have every right to understand what the comfort systems in your home do for you before you have them installed. So, let us get started by explaining the basic details on what HRVs and ERVs do.

In general terms these systems bring in fresh air and warm it up (or cool it in the summer) before allowing it into your house.

More specifically, HRVs and ERVs use the energy that is already present in the temperature-controlled air in your home and use it to pre-heat the fresh air that is being pulling into the home. By doing this, your system provides warmed, fresh air and siphons the stale air out of the home at once. These improves your indoor air quality and your comfort, while also preserving the energy that your heater already used to warm your home.

The Key Difference

So, if HRVs and ERVs both bring in fresh air that is already temperature controlled, why are there two different system? This is because, while they both bring in fresh, warm air, only the ERV also helps with humidity levels as well.

The Benefits of HRVs and ERVs

As with any system you have in your home, you likely want to know what the benefits are for installing and HRV or ERV if you don’t have one already. We have a few benefits that you should know about listed here:

  • Fresh Air: These systems provide you with fresh air without harming your comfort.
  • Better IAQ: With the addition of fresh air and a chance to improve your humidity levels, these systems give you indoor air quality a huge boost.
  • Saved Energy: HRVs and ERVs help your comfort without using or wasting any extra energy, meaning it makes the most of the energy already used.

Interested in adding an HRV or an ERV to your HVAC system? If you are, make sure you contact a Brandon HVAC contractor for professional installation services. You want to make sure that you give this new system a chance to start out on the right foot to give your comfort the ultimate boost.

Contact AirSouth Cooling and Heating to get started.

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