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Troubleshooting Air Flow Issues in Your Heater  

furnace-inspectionAirflow issues are perhaps one of the most annoying problems you can face with your furnace. Your furnace will turn on and start like it’s supposed to, leading you to believe that nothing is wrong—it’s only when you realize that your home isn’t warming up like it should that you might have an airflow issue.

If that turns out to be the case with your furnace, here’s what you can do:

Check the Thermostat

First thing’s first: check that your thermostat is working properly. This problem is way more common than you’d imagine, despite how simple it is to fix.

Common issues include having the thermostat stuck in a cooling program, batteries in need of replacement, and fan mode set to “on.”

If you’re confused or need help, don’t hesitate to call and ask for some advice.

Check the Air Filter

This goes two ways: Your air filter can be too dirty, or it might be too efficient for your system.

A dirty air filter will become clogged, restricting airflow through the system. It’s required that you change your air filter every few months to prevent the furnace from running for too long with a clogged filter.

On the other hand, you may have bought a filter that is way too effective for your system. An air filter’s job is to prevent particles of dust and dirt from contaminating your system. A higher-grade filter prevents even the smallest of particles from getting through, but that could mean restricting airflow, too.

Have the Ducts Inspected

There’s also a chance that the problem has nothing to do with the furnace itself. The problem could lie with the ducts: the system that’s responsible for carrying heated air through to the rest of the home.

Common problems with ducts that lead to airflow issues include:

  • Tears: The ducts require a particular air pressure in order to move air through the system. A tear in flexible duct material will reduce that air pressure and reduce airflow as a result.
  • Disconnects: In the case of metal ductwork, you won’t have to worry about tears as much as complete disconnects. This can happen if the sealants become loose or if someone knocks them loose while working in the attic.
  • Debris: Insulation or other debris can fall and block the ducts.

Check the Blower

The blower is the fan that blows heated air through the ductwork. Without the blower, the air won’t go anywhere! That can definitely create airflow issues and feel as if your furnace isn’t working.

The blower is nothing more than a motor with a fan blade. That motor can burn out either through being defective, through age, or if there’s some kind of obstruction weighing it down. Luckily, this is isn’t a difficult part to replace.

Consider Replacement

If none of the above has managed to help remedy your airflow issues, then it might simply be time to replace your furnace. Older furnaces will struggle to keep up with their efficiency promises and that can mean a loss of airflow.

Whether or not that’s true depends on many factors, however, such as the age of the system. If you think replacement is right for you, we’re happy to talk to you about it as well as any other HVAC service in Jackson, MS.

Contact AirSouth Cooling and Heating today if you need to have your furnace inspected.

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