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Keep Comfortable With a Ceiling Fan

When a heat wave hits our area, it can be tough to keep cool without breaking the bank. Running your air conditioner more aggressively and for longer amounts of time can end up costing quite a large chunk of money. It may be good news to hear that you can boost your comfort at a far lower cost in a pretty simple way: using a ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans can’t cool the air in your home. However, they can be a great ally in keeping you cool and make things easier on your AC in the process. Let’s talk more about the benefits of a ceiling fan installation in Laurel, MS so you can learn more about whether this is the right option for your home.

5 Ways a Ceiling Fan Helps Your Comfort

Here are some of the great reasons to add a ceiling fan to your home.

1. They help improve the distribution of cool air

When it comes to keeping cool, a ceiling fan is going to be a great ally. One of the biggest reasons for this is because turning on your ceiling fan will help to distribute the cool air that your air conditioner is producing. This help cool the home down faster and reduces the amount of work that your AC actually has to do.

2. They help with sweat evaporation

Have you ever noticed that simply turning on a fan can help you feel cooler? This is because that air circulation helps to evaporate the sweat on your body. When you feel cooler, it can translate into turning up the temperature on the thermostat because you don’t need as much help getting comfortable.

3. They can help you reduce your demand on your AC

You probably noticed this common theme in the previous two perks—using your ceiling fan can help you feel cooler and ease the strain on your air conditioner. This can reduce the stress your AC accumulates and helps it last longer too.

4. It can replace the use of your AC

You may not need your air conditioner every day to feel comfortably cool. Installing a ceiling fan can mean you simply use this system to keep things comfortable on a milder day, which will cut your energy usage down by quite a bit.

5. A ceiling fan can help you keep warm, too

Your ceiling fan isn’t just going to help you during the summertime. Ceiling fans can also be a helping hand in keeping you warm in winter. You can reverse the rotation of the fan to push warm air down and help distribute it more effectively.

Using a ceiling fan is a highly energy-efficient way to capitalize on the wonderful comfort your air conditioner (and your heater) provide. This can help you save cash throughout the year and even increase the lifespan of your HVAC systems.

If you are interested in adding a ceiling fan to your home, you can come to our team to get the job done right.

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