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How Heating Maintenance Saves You Money


The less money you spend on your home systems, the better. Nobody wants to see more bills come across their desk, which is exactly why maintenance services should be a top priority in your budgeting.

Heating maintenance in Brandon, MS still costs something, of course, but compared to the price of completely repairing your heating system, the difference can be marginal at best. This is what you need to know about how maintenance saves you m oney on your heating system.

Maintenance Prevents More Breakdowns

There’s no way to just say “Maintenance will always cost X amount of money,” because it can unearth some issues with your unit. However, maintenance works out to be cheaper than full-blown repairs almost every single time.

When your system breaks down, it’s the result of one part failing and affecting other parts. If your maintenance technician replaces wires that are at-risk of short circuiting, it’s cheaper than your thermostat or blower motor short circuiting and needing to be replaced.

You get the gist: maintenance still costs you something, but prevents larger, pricier problems from arising.

Lower Monthly Energy Bills

If you have a brand new heating system, its performance will be as good as it ever will be. A new system performs exceptionally well for years to come, but the first month of operations will be more efficient than the twelfth month of operations. Here’s why.

As time goes on, your heating system endures wear and tear. This could be dust accumulation, stress on the blower motor, duct problems; the list goes on and on.

Maintenance restores your heater to its former glory (in as close a capacity as possible). With clean air filters, sealed ducts, and lubricated parts working in tandem, your heater won’t have to work extremely hard to bring you results. It runs for less time, so it costs less energy, and you still get to enjoy the level of comfort you want.

Longer System Lifespan

Nobody is pretending that a new heater is cheap. On average, combustion-based heating systems last for eight to fifteen years, while electric heating systems can last for fifteen up to twenty-five years (all with proper maintenance).

Notice the large time gaps? That’s all room for error. Not scheduling maintenance and ignoring your system lowers the maximum lifespan of your heating system. It brings it closer to the lower value.

If you can maintain your heater from the time it’s installed, you stand to spend less money on replacements throughout your lifetime. What could you do with the equivalent of one or two entire heating systems worth of capital? It’s a lot of money to leave on the table by ignoring maintenance.

Maintenance is Required for Your Heater’s Longevity

Maintenance extends the life of your heater compared to unmaintained units. If you want to pay lower energy bills going forward and maintain the integrity of your heating system so it doesn’t break down nearly as often, an annual maintenance visit is right for you.

Contact us today to schedule heating maintenance and maintain your family’s level of comfort.

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