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How To Get The Most From Your AC Unit

checklistSummer is fast approaching which means you are about to start using your air conditioner a lot more often. You want to be able to stay cool but maybe the thought of the energy bill you are going to receive is making you nervous. Maybe you don’t need to stay cool everyday….

Here’s the thing though–you shouldn’t have to compromise your comfort to get a reasonable energy bill. While major spikes that don’t change despite prompt AC repair in Jackson, MS may be an indicator of a bigger issue, there are smaller increases that you can combat on your own.

Work on using these best practices to get the most out of your air conditioner this summer. And, if your bills are still too high, reach out to us for extra help.

5 Ways to Get More From Your Air Conditioner Without the Cost

Here are some great ways to easily increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your air conditioner system.

  1. Close your blinds and curtains. We know that summertime allows us to enjoy longer hours of sunlight but it is best to keep the majority of the light out of the house. Using your blinds, curtains and shades to keep ths house darker throughout the day will also help keep it much cooler. This means less work for your air conditioner which translates to lower energy usage.
  2. Keep your vents clear: The air that your AC cools off has to exit through the vents around your home. Make sure to keep those vents clear of anything that might hinder the flow of air such as furniture or decor. It is also helpful to check them and make sure they are clean and without any built up debris.
  3. Adjust the thermostat: The temperature setting on your thermostat needs to be at a reasonable number in order to keep you cool without driving up your energy bills. According to the Department of Energy the best setting to shoot for during summer is 78° during the day. This keeps the house reasonably cool without putting too much strain on your AC.
  4. Check your air filter: Your air filter protects the internal workings of your air conditioner from dirt and other airborne debris. This filter needs to be changed every one to three months in order to keep it clean and clear of built up debris. Ignoring your filter can reduce airflow which ruins efficiency and comfort.
  5. Schedule maintenance yearly: Last but not least, make sure to schedule maintenance for your air conditioner every year, or twice a year if you have a heat pump. Maintenance can ensure that your system works as effectively and efficiently as possible. Your can turn to us for your maintenance services so you have peace of mind knowing your system is in good hands.

These are some great tactics to keep your energy useage as low as possible. However, if your AC runs into trouble and starts sucking up extra energy no matter what you do, it is time to call in our team for help.

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