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Summer AC Maintenance: Why It’s Essential

If you want to take care of your air conditioner for the summer season, you need to go ahead and schedule AC maintenance with our expert team of professionals now, before summer begins. But there are also ways that you can take care of your air conditioner during the summer as a homeowner. 

AC maintenance is not exclusive to scheduling appointments with expert technicians. You also have to maintain your AC from month to month in between our annual visits. Our team is here to help whether you need AC maintenance or AC installation in Brandon, MS. You can keep reading to learn more about what you can do as a homeowner, and then give us a call if you need any additional help. 

Professional Care

You already know how important it is to get your AC tuned up once per year. If you didn’t get AC maintenance at the end of the summer season last year, it’s crucial that you schedule an appointment with our team before summer begins next month.

Once the heat of summer is going strong, our team will be very busy with AC repair appointments, and one of those appointments may unfortunately be at your home if you did not schedule professional maintenance. 

Air Filter

As a homeowner, one of the best things you can do for your air conditioner is to change out the air filter every 1-3 months on a regular basis. When your air filter gets clogged up with dirt, two things happen. First, the dust and dirt begin to seep through the air filter and enter your air conditioning system. That dust and dirt then get in between the small gears that operate your AC and cause a lot of problems. 

Second, the dust and dirt clogging your air filter block airflow into your AC unit. And without airflow coming in, your air conditioner doesn’t have an adequate amount of air to cool off and blow into your home. This can cause your AC to begin working harder in an effort to bring in more airflow. Your system may be working harder and taking on more wear and tear without producing any better results. 

Condensate Drain Line

When you open the cabinet to your indoor unit, you should see a pipe sticking out with a cap that you can unscrew. Every month you should pour some vinegar into this opening. This is the condensate drain line that helps channel water outside from your air conditioner. As part of the cooling process, your AC removes humidity from the air. 

That humidity then gathers into droplets that drain out through this line. Unfortunately, dust, mold, and dirt can also collect in this line and lead to clogs. Cleaning the line with vinegar is a great way to ensure that your air conditioner keeps working at its best every single month. You can prevent leaks and ensure that your air conditioner continues removing excess humidity from the air in your home. 

Contact AirSouth Cooling and Heating today to schedule an appointment for condensate drain line cleaning and repair.

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