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Is Your AC Problem in Your Ductwork?

Having a working and effective air conditioning system when the summertime heat hits is important. That is why when you notice that something seems to be wrong with your AC that is hindering your comfort you should get it addressed sooner than later. However, we want to point out that is isn’t always your air conditioner itself that is struggling to get the job done. So, if the problem with your comfort isn’t in your air conditioner, where could it be?

The answer to the trouble with your cooling system may actually lie in your ductwork. See, this is a “pathway” of sorts that is used to deliver the cooled air that your AC system creates. Of course, if something is wrong with your ductwork, it can impede your ability to stay comfortable. If you have a problem with your ducts there is a way to get the issue fixed thankfully.

What Is Up With Your Ducts?

The first question you will want to ask in this situation is what might be wrong with your ducts. There are several potential problems that your ductwork can encounter. Consider if you have noticed any indicators on some of the following problems:

  • Dusty ductwork: Even though your ductwork is tucked up in the attic and walls of your home it can still get dirty. A little bit of dust may not seem like a problem but if your ducts start to collect dirt and debris for months or years on end it can start to cause an issue and hinder the flow of air in your home, not to mention reducing your indoor air quality. If you pick up on dusty air coming from your vents or reduced airflow it may mean you need to clean your ductwork.
  • Duct leaks: Over time, your ductwork may develop small splits or leaks in it that allow the cool air passing through it to escape before it reaches its intended destination. While this may not be apparent at first, you may notice that you have leaks in your ductwork if you notice a hissing or rattling noise or find that the air from your vents is weaker than normal
  • Duct breaks: A duct leak might hinder your airflow a little bit; in contrast, a breakage in your ductwork is going to be far more apparent. This is because a break in your ducts means a lot of energy loss from escaped cool air. This will be noticeable by a complete loss of airflow to one or more parts of your home and high energy bills.

If you think there may be a problem in your ductwork, you can contact our team of professionals for duct testing in Brandon, MS. We can assess the condition of your ductwork and provide the duct services needed to help get your ducts in good shape again so you can enjoy the comfort you want this summer.

Contact AirSouth Cooling and Heating today to help you keep cool and comfortable this summer.

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