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You deserve to live in comfort in your home, free from worries that your air conditioner might fail in the summer, or your heating system struggle to deliver warmth on a cold winter evening. At AirSouth Cooling and Heating we also believe you deserve this comfort and peace of mind. We’re the contractor for Ridgeland, MS who can ensure that you receive both—plus energy efficiency.

Our service professionals are EPA and NATE–certified, available 24 hours a day, and we back up their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Think of us first when you need comfort service—and you’ll come out ahead!

Air Conditioning Installation

You’ve made the decision to have a new air conditioning system put in, either to replace an aging AC or as the first installation in a new home. Now the next step is to call AirSouth Cooling and Heating for a free consultation about the best way to cool down your house. We install all types of air conditioners, including ductless mini splits and heat pumps. We’ll see that the installation job is done quickly, but with an eye toward quality and durability.

AC Repair and Maintenance Services

It only takes a single heavy summer in Ridgeland, MS to place enough strain on an air conditioner that it will start to rapidly wear down. You can prevent your AC from needing an early replacement by arranging for regular maintenance with our technicians. If at any time your air conditioner malfunctions, you can reach our certified AC troubleshooters 24/7.

Heating Installation

To handle the heating needs of a home, an HVAC technician must strike a balance between comfort and energy efficiency. In our milder climate, this can be difficult: we don’t need heaters as often, but we need them sufficiently powerful for the short time they run. A heating professional can locate the ideal system to meet comfort needs without draining too much power so utility bills begin to skyrocket. Contact us to schedule heating installation or replacement done right—guaranteed!

Heater Repair and Maintenance Services

We always stress the importance of relying on trained professionals to repair a broken heater. This not only ensures the job is done right, but that it is done quickly and safely. Safety is essential for gas–powered systems, and you’ll sleep better at night knowing certified HVAC technicians took care of fixing your furnace or other home heating system.

Indoor Air Quality

Too little fresh air is permitted to circulate through the rooms of modern homes, and this leads to a buildup in concentration of various indoor pollutants: dust, lint, volatile organic compounds, smoke, dust mites, bacteria, and more. AirSouth Cooling and Heating can install energy or heat recovery ventilators so your home enjoys fresher air. We also work with air filters, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers to make your indoors as pleasant and healthy as possible. Speak to a customer service professional for more details.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Routine air duct cleaning is a service homeowners often forget to arrange. But having clean ducts is critical for keeping an HVAC system running at its highest efficiency. It also helps to keep dust and other debris from being circulated around the house. Only professionals with the right tools can handle duct cleaning, and AirSouth Cooling and Heating are the locals to call.

Insulation Services

Without effective insulation in your home, the best heater or AC will be almost useless. Too much heat will flood into the home during hot weather, while heat will constantly escape during cold weather. Most of this heat movement occurs in the attic—but we can slow it down with blown–in insulation services. Blown–in insulation is easy for us to place in the attic, and it’s more durable than fiberglass batts. We’ll help you cut down 20% on energy costs.

Commercial HVAC Services

We are dedicated to the success of businesses in Ridgeland, MS, which is why we provide commercial HVAC services to the area. You can expect the same level of quality service and commitment on our commercial work as for our residential work. No matter if you need commercial heating, commercial air conditioning, or commercial indoor air quality, all it takes is a call to AirSouth Cooling and Heating. We offer free second opinions and free consultations, and we’re accredited with the Better Business Bureau.