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AirSouth Cooling and Heating is an HVAC contractor built on the premise that the best way to deliver quality heating and cooling services is to build relationships with our customers. We want you to know you can always trust us to come through for you, no matter if it’s a new heating installation or an air conditioning repair. We work with both homes and businesses in Richland, MS.

All our service professionals are NATE and EPA–certified, and we’re licensed, bonded and insured with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Think of us first when you need comfort service—and you’ll come out ahead!

Air Conditioning Installation

Don’t like the idea of facing a hot and muggy summer in Richland, MS without an air conditioning system for your home? We don’t blame you—and we want to make sure you aren’t trapped in this kind of situation. Our service professionals install and replace all types of AC systems, including ductless systems and heat pumps. We have the training and tools to see that whatever heater you end up with is the ideal one to meet your needs.

AC Repair and Maintenance Service

Is a busted AC ruining your day? It doesn’t have to last for long—call on our troubleshooting repair experts. You can reach them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They’re experienced with locating problems from Freon leaks to any other AC malfunction. You never have to worry about getting trapped in a summer hothouse when we’re on the job.

Heating Installation

If you don’t think having a good heating system for your home in Richland, MS is a priority because we have far more hot days, you might end up in trouble one winter evening. AirSouth Cooling and Heating is committed to helping homes with comfort 365 days a year, and we can locate the right heating system installation for quality performance matched with energy efficiency. We work with furnaces, heat pumps, ductless heating, and more. Arrange for your free consultation today.

Heater Repair and Maintenance Services

It’s important never to try to repair a broken heating system yourself or allow an amateur to do it. Many of these systems use natural gas, and it’s potentially harmful for inexperienced people to work on them. No matter the type of heater warming your house, it requires a professional to diagnose the trouble and have it fixed right.

Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air in your house may be far worse than you’d like it. This is unfortunately true for many modern homes. But it is something you can change by making a call to AirSouth Cooling and Heating. Our HVAC professionals provide great air quality solutions for healthier air and better comfort. We can install air purifiers and air filters, clean and seal ductwork, and put in energy and heat recovery ventilators. We’ll find out exactly what your home needs!

Air Duct Cleaning Services

As air circulates through the ducts in a home’s ventilation system, dust and lint stick to the duct walls and start to build up. After a few years, this dust and debris layer will place friction against airflow and force the heater and AC to drain power. We recommend scheduling routine air duct cleaning with our experts to ensure both efficient HVAC performance and healthier overall air quality. Our service professional use the most advanced equipment for complete duct cleaning.

Insulation Services

If you have a great air conditioner and heater for your year–round comfort in Richland, MS, and yet your home still has trouble staying cool in the summers and warm in the winters, the trouble may be a lack of insulation in the attic. To close up gaps in the insulation, put in all–new insulation, or replaced damaged insulation, talk to us. We provide blown–in insulation services to quickly put down a powerful new insulating layer in an attic.

Commercial HVAC Services

A business in Richland, MS, can’t get away without an effective HVAC system for comfortable and safe environmental conditions around the year. One hot summer day can be devastating to a company if it doesn’t have a working AC. Let AirSouth Cooling and Heating come to the rescue of your business. We handle commercial air conditioning as well as commercial heating and commercial indoor air quality. Our work is guaranteed and we offer industry–leading warranties. Speak to a customer service professional today.