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AirSouth Cooling and Heating is a local HVAC contractor serving the needs of Magee, MS. Any needs! No matter if you’re looking to have a new central air conditioning system for your house, or you have a commercial building with a faulty heating system, we can help. We offer free consultations and second opinions, and our service professionals are NATE and EPA–certified.

Do you need more assurances? We’re BBB–accredited, licensed, bonded, and insured. You can trust that we’ll do the job right—it’s backed up with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Think of us first when you need comfort service—and you’ll come out ahead!

Air Conditioning Installation

Are you dreading the next summer season because you don’t have an air conditioner to deal with the hot, muggy weather? Or worse, you don’t have a central air conditioner in your home at all? Let us solve these problems: we install and replace all types of air conditioners. We’ll examine your current system and give you the advice you need to make the best cooling choice. Feel confident that once we’re done, you’ll have the indoor comfort you deserve.

AC Repair and Maintenance Services

Of course, we understand you can’t just have an AC system installed and then forget about it. It needs regular maintenance. We recommend you arrange for us to inspect and tune–up your AC each spring. If you do need repairs at some point, and need them in a hurry, call our service professionals any time of the day or night.

Heating Installation

People in Magee, MS don’t worry as much about heating their homes as they do cooling them. This makes sense. But what doesn’t make sense is entirely ignoring home heating needs. AirSouth Cooling and Heating has the certified service professionals who can install a new furnace or other type of heater to match the specific requirements of your household. We’ll also see that you have an energy–efficient heater. We work with furnaces, heat pumps, ductless heating, dual fuel systems, and more.

Heater Repair and Maintenance Services

It’s easy to dismiss small problems with a heating system in our mild weather. But there’s no such thing as a "small" heater malfunction—because any malfunction can rapidly blow up into something larger. This is why we offer 24/7 repair services: we’re here to help whenever we’re needed. Arrange for regular maintenance so you’ll have few future repair troubles.

Indoor Air Quality

You may have the temperature in your Magee, MS home balanced perfectly, but yet not have the comfort you want because of low indoor air quality. This is another place where we can help with your quality of living. Our IAQ professionals work with air filters, air purifiers, heat and energy recovery ventilators, and more. We can also handle trouble with damaged and leaky ductwork that may allow dust and other irritating pollutants into your living spaces.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Cleaning the air ducts in a home isn’t something you can do yourself with some determination and a vacuum with a long hose. You’ll need our experience and professional tools to get the work done thoroughly. After we’re finished, your HVAC system will work at higher efficiency, and you’ll enjoy air in your house with much less dust in it.

Insulation Services

Insulation: it’s not just something for winter! In the climate of Magee, MS, insulation in an attic is essential to keeping extra heat from getting down into a house. If your home has poor attic insulation or you need additional insulation, the best route is to call us. We provide blown–in insulation services. It’s fast, thorough, and the blown–in insulation will last longer and won’t develop mold growth. We’ll help you save 20% off your annual heating and cooling bills.

Commercial HVAC Services

AirSouth Cooling and Heating has a commitment to seeing all our customers receive the highest quality care, comfort, and peace of mind thanks to our heating and cooling expertise. This extends to commercial buildings in Magee, MS as well. You can depend on us for commercial heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality. We understand how important your business is to you, and we’ll do all we can to see it’s a success from day to day. Call today for an appointment.